Cooper died Saturday after a short but devastating bout with aspiration pneumonia. He was maybe 13. He was a very good guy.


Cooper and another of his best friends,  Sara, watching me read.


Taking a break on the trail, with Sara and Lori.


Birthday boys, 2013, the year I got him central air.

Birthday picture 08-16-49

We celebrated the same birthday because I brought Cooper from the animal shelter to dreamranch on mine in 2006. But every morning with Cooper was like a birthday. He was with me for two months short of 10 years and maybe the kindest soul I ever met.

Waiting out one of those darn thunderstorms in the dreamranch man cave.


And never did he tear up any of the toys given to him by our friend Dianne, especially the sock monkey.


Tryin’ to get that Sara to play.


Shading up.


Last snow.


One thought

  1. Sorry to hear about cooper. We learned to love him through ur pictures and the closeness u had with him. Ur amigo ed sandoval

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