More chickens

Scan 1

Going through old photos again and what do I come across?

More chickens.

This time they’re on the Robertson side of my family.

Previously, I have encountered recurring images of my Harper sisters and our late mother, the former Nancy Jane Bjelke, with chickens. I wrote about the phenomenon here: Family members and fowl. My sisters in Montana and Washington have kept the chicken legacy alive. And I’ll bet there are some chickens around the homestead my cousins in the Garrett clan, over in Texas.

This photo of my aunt, Barbara Carol Robertson, was taken in the 1930s on Burg Street on the outskirts of Granville, Ohio. The Bjelkes lived in the center of Granville, on South Main, less than a block off Broadway.

Barbara had what we call these days developmental disabilities. She was non-verbal until her death at age 66. But her family loved her and she lived at home until my grandmother, Ethel Robertson, died at age 92.

Barbara struggled with all kinds of things throughout her life, but she always loved animals and they always loved her.

Another recurring themes in my family photo collection is dogs. No matter what side of my family, or which family member is represented, there usually is a dog in the photo.

Here is Barbara with two of them, identified as Jara and Blackstone, on Burg Street in Granville.

Scan 2

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