Far out

Scan 20Scan 23 Look what I found taped to the back of my mildewed 1964 copy of Starr’s Guide to the John Muir Trail  — purchased back then at Smilie’s outfitters in San Francisco — which I left for a year with a friend in Mill Valley while I went off to Turkey. Note second billing at the time  for the Grateful Dead. And, by the way, it’s taken me this long to figure out the show was for two nights, Dec. 30 and 31st, and that the numerals at the bottom right, before 1967, are 1966 backwards.  I never was too hip. And I’ve never been too sure whether the folks who drew these things were on acid or you had to be on acid to read them, or both.  Still don’t know what the second and third words at the top are. I found it clearer to navigate the High Sierra, especially with “Pete” Starr’s help. I believe my friend taped the Filmore card to the back of the guide to cover the mildew damage.

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